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What's New?

08/15/06 Guis links fixed but rest of da links are down sry

08/12/06 XBOX360 Gui added

08/09/06 World Cup Gui added!

08/06/06 Fonts added!

08/05/06 Gui added! (devhook)

08/03/06 A few fonts added!

08/01/06 All links fixed! Thankyou for ur Patience! New font added for Muyfa666 from da forums

07/31/06 Added nintendo DS gameboot in gameboot section. Xbox 360 gameboot now has no borders around it and all of my custom gameboots now works with devhook! =)

07/30/06 TOns of Gameboots Added! NEW Forzamotor2 gameboot!

07/28/06 Links fixed! Enjoy!

07/27/06 2 more NEW gameboot released! They are Intial D and final fantasy advent children. Download in the gameboot download section!

07/26/06 xbox360 gameboot released. Download in psp gameboot download section!

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